Barely 21 years old and with a great passion for mechanical engineering, Alessandro Reguzzo establishes Meccanica Reguzzo and purchases his first CNC lathe, a Mori Seiki SL25.


The firm is successful and a second Mori Seiki SL25 CNC lathe is purchased followed, through the years, by other CNC Mori Seiki lathes and machining centres.


In order to check and certify the increasingly complex details of the products, a first three-dimensional CMM Dea Mistral measuring machine is purchased, and the process for achieving ISO 9001 certification is launched.


Meccanica Reguzzo achieves ISO 9001 certification.


New headquarters for Meccanica Reguzzo. In 2004 the company buys and moves to a new plant with a 800 m2 factory floor.


In view of the increasingly important job orders and of the plan to make new investments, the plant is expanded from the initial 800 m2 to 2,800 m2.



In these years, Meccanica Reguzzo increasingly focuses on a more precise and controlled management of production. No detail is left to chance, thanks to the investment in new machine tools and especially in automation. This results in the installation of 5 robots to assist the machines already in place and in the purchase of the first 2 inverted spindle lathes for the unmanned processing of complex components.



The machine pool acquires two new vertical inverted spindle Emag VL7 lathes.



The job orders and the components to be produced have become even more complex. Meccanica Reguzzo therefore purchases four new Emag VL4 lathes with servo-robots, for the intensive production of differentials. The metrology room is also expanded with the addition of a Zeiss Contura CMM and of a QPT contour measuring device.


We are still expanding our machine pool and optimising our machining processes. We are Industry 4.0 and we check every production phase using customised management software specifically designed for Meccanica Reguzzo.